About Us

K7 Academy is the brain child of J Kesavardhanan started with an aim to provide industry relevant real world learning experience in cyber security and IT product development. The Academy offers a curriculum designed by experts with decades of experience in software product development, cyber security solutions and threat research. This provides hands-on learning with industry aligned competencies, tools and techniques that help even beginners. Participants at K7 Academy also get to interact with current researchers, developers, and engineers working on state-of-the-art digital security technologies. This experiential learning equips them with the competencies required to protect against evolving cyberattacks and enhances their careers in cybersecurity domain.

Our Mission

K7 Academy’s mission is to create world-class IT professionals empowered with the knowledge, skills, tools, and above all, mindset, to excel in the dynamic and challenging Digital Technology space.

Our Vision

K7 Academy’s transformational learning experiences on developing competencies in programming and cybersecurity.

About K7 Computing

A global leader in cybersecurity solutions, K7 Computing is a 29-year-old company with a reputation of being the best in Malware Research in the world. An indigenous Indian company, K7 Computing is the only ‘Make in India’ cyber security solution provider with its own scan engine. A leader in consumer markets in Japan and India, K7 Computing is now expanding across the Americas & Europe. K7 Computing’s full suite of cybersecurity solutions include home, SOHO, mid-sized business, and enterprise-class digital security products.

Our Team

J Kesavardhanan or Keseven as he is generally known is involved in the antivirus field for more than 25 years. In 1991, at the age of 22, he established K7 Computing and wrote his first antivirus program. In 1993 he entered into a strategic relationship with USA based Cybermedia, producers of three of the top-selling products in the competitive US market, PC911, First-Aid for Windows and later First-Aid for Windows 95. McAfee subsequently bought cybermedia, Keseven worked on several projects with them.

With a good history of creating reliable products, Keseven began to develop antivirus products for the highly competitive Japanese market in 2002. Now, more than 24 million users trust K7 Virus Security to protect them, and they have made it the leading consumer brand, out-competing all the established global brands in the world’s second-largest software market. Consistency, persistence and a single-minded vision in creating world-class security products have been the hallmarks of Keseven.