Why is Cybersecurity Knowledge Essential?

Cybersecurity knowledge is vital for all those who use the internet, whether on PCs or mobile phones. Most of you might think of cybersecurity as a separate, niche career. You may think it’s not a skill that the average person should learn or think about.

But that’s not the case in today’s digital world. In this modern digital age, we have to live digitally by using our phones, laptops, electronic devices, and so on.

Since you use these devices, you shouldn’t consider cybersecurity as a niche area of knowledge because you should protect yourself against cyberattacks. By learning about cybersecurity, you can help companies maintain secure protocols. At home, you can protect your personal and sensitive information.

In recent times, you would have seen many headlines about cybersecurity as it has become increasingly important. Thieves are continuously trying different ways to steal your sensitive information, money, and passwords. To avoid these situations, you have to learn cybersecurity and have knowledge of cybersecurity.

Are you new to cybersecurity and keen to know about it? Then don’t worry, I’ll you show what is cybersecurity and the importance of cybersecurity in this post.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a process that uses technologies and techniques to keep your computer’s data safe. In this digital world, most people use social media and store data online. Therefore, protecting their lives is essential in this growing field.

Now let’s learn about its importance and why you should consider cybersecurity.

Why Cybersecurity is Important

Cybersecurity is critical because a malware attack can cause serious trouble to users. It doesn’t involve just businesses or Government, and it affects all electronic devices, including your computer, tablet, and cell phone.

Once your device is hacked, the hacker will have full control of your device. They can easily access your files, data, contacts, and more sensitive information as well.

Example: If your system is hacked, the hacker can send emails, access the banking app, send malware, infect your files, and do a lot more.

This is also a threat to large companies as they are losing billions of dollars through cyberattacks. Surveys say that the average cost of a data breach in the USA is $8.19 million. Globally, this cost is around $3.92 million.

These numbers may increase in 2020, according to Juniper Research. The Juniper Research estimate says that 2019 Cybercrime costs will exceed $2 trillion. It is expected to rise above $5 trillion in 2020, according to Cyber Defense magazine.

With all these stats we can surely say that Cybersecurity is essential and vital for everyone. As technologies and innovation are improve, the danger of cybercrime is also growing. We have to be stronger in securing our data.

Gartner, Inc. has predicted that global security’s spending will hit $1114 billion in 2018, and in 2019 it is expected to be $124 billion. It will increase by 8% every year. So by these stats, we can say that cybersecurity is vital for all.

Apart from these financial damages, cyberattacks can harm to personal lives, ruin professional experiences, business relationships, or even more. It can even bring war between two countries – that’s the power of cybersecurity breaches.

Understanding the Role of Cybersecurity

All electronic devices which are connected to the internet or smart devices can be affected by a data breach.

Everything can be affected, which includes

  • Communication systems such as phones, text messages, emails
  • Government databases, social security numbers, tax records, and more can be hacked
  • Transportation systems including aeroplane navigation systems, train signals, traffic controls, etc.
  • Medical systems, medical reports, equipment, and more can be hacked
  • Banks servers, credit information, loans, paycheques, and more can be hacked
  • Educational system can also be hacked, such as results, report cards, research information, and more
  • Electronic devices can be hacked, such as smart TVs, machines, and more

Cybersecurity covers almost everything that is conducted online these days. So it’s always best to stay protected and safe by following the best cybersecurity techniques.

Usually, we come across hacks when we see celebrity leaks, political leaks, and so on. We also come across many cybercriminal victims who lose money, cards, information, etc. The sad part of this is some of the victims are security experts and masterminds, but sadly they hadn’t applied cybersecurity tactics to protect themselves.

Lack of awareness causes more cybersecurity incidents, so always be aware of these cybersecurity breaches.

This is all about the importance of cybersecurity. Be secure and don’t be the target of hackers and never make it easy to hack your system or devices.

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