Job Opportunities in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity attacks are increasing at a rapid pace in this digital world. The demand for highly qualified security engineers who can defend against such attacks is at its peak. Companies are striving to pick the best cybersecurity engineers to protect their businesses.

According to the Global Information Workforce Study, there will be a shortage  of 1.8 million cybersecurity professionals by 2022. NASSCOM has reported that India alone would need nearly 1 million cybersecurity professionals by 2020. So there is a massive demand for certified security professionals.

In general, cybersecurity experts work in every size company to protect their business from data breaches and security attacks. Are you a  fresher who is striving to find the best job opportunities in cybersecurity? Then this post will help you out.

There are many posts readily available for cybersecurity professionals. I will cover a few key posts which you have to consider to get an excellent compensation package.

If you’re ready to explore a cybersecurity career, check out these jobs.

Top Careers in Cybersecurity

1. Security Software Developer

If you choose the cybersecurity niche as your career, then you can head straight into the security software developer post. It is integrated with the security of the application or software during the development and design of applications.

If you’re working in MNCs as a security software developer, you have to oversee or be a part of a team of developers while creating the software application. If you are working in a smaller firm, you have to work on the security tools without a team.

In this job, you have to participate in the lifecycle of software development and support. On average, the security software engineer earns $98,000 per year in the USA.

2. Network Security Engineer

Every company needs a network security engineer to managed their networks while protecting them from cyberthreats. In this role, the engineer has to ensure that security systems are implemented within the organisation to stop the threats.

They have to maintain systems, identify vulnerabilities, improve automation, and do a lot more. This engineer should also have a look at the firewalls, routers, various networks, switches, etc. The average salary of a network security engineer is around 4-8 Lakh per annum.

3. Security Architect Career Path

Are you a cybersecurity certificate holder who is enthusiastic about problem-solving and executing big strategies? Then you are the perfect fit for the Security Architect Career Path.

The security Architect’s role is to create, build, and execute computer and network security for a company. They are responsible for developing complex frameworks that ensure their organisations are safe from cyberthreats.

These engineers will also have to design security systems to fight against malware and other attacks. The average pay scale for security architects is around Rs1,700,000 per annum. In the USA, it’s about $121,020, according to PayScale.

4. Cybersecurity Consultant

A security consultant is always vital for any business. These security consultants evaluate the threats, risks, and cybersecurity issues, and give the best possible solution for those problems. Depending on the organisation level, they often take different steps to protect the companies’ data from breaches.

These security consultants may deal with many variables while testing security systems across the company. Average wages of a cybersecurity consultant in India is around Rs. 745,839 according to PayScale, whereas in the USA they get approximately $116,546 per annum.

5. Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst is another crucial job in cybersecurity. In this role, information security analysts take part in first-line defence networks. They implement the firewalls and encryption to protect data from security breaches.

Engineers continuously monitor security and perform system audits to detect unusual activities. The average information security analyst wages are Rs. 804,051 per annum, while freshers may expect around Rs. 450,254.

6. Ethical Hackers

Ethical hackers are usually valuable for any company and they hold a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certificate. These hackers are given license by their recruiters to try to infiltrate the security of their IT systems.

The idea behind this hacking is to find bugs and weak security protocols, and successfully rectify them. Ethical hackers generally use black hat techniques, which are used by hackers, to identify security weaknesses. 

According to CISO Platform, the average annual salary of ethical hackers is around Rs 570,000 in India. When it comes to the USA, the average pay is around $71,331 per annum.

7. Computer Forensics Analysts

Forensics analysts are always vital to discover how cybercrime has happened. These analysts focus on cybercrime, and they work with law enforcement agencies in the private and public sectors as well. They undertake many tasks such as

  • Restoring deleted files
  • Analysing mobile phone records
  • Interpreting data linked to the crime
  • Pursuing data trails and so on

These computer forensics analysts should always keep detailed records of their investigation to provide them in court. The average salary of a computer forensics analyst is around $72,046.

8. Chief Information Security Officer

The Chief Information Security Officer is a mid-level position whose job is to manage the affairs and operations of business IT security. They are responsible for planning and coordinating the network and all the data needs of the employers. 

They work directly with management to identify the organisation’s custom cybersecurity demands. Chief Information Security Officers often assemble a staff of security professionals, so they need a strong IT background with people management skills.

9. Penetration Tester

Penetration testers are the medium-level testers who proactively test the security levels of IT systems. Their job is to identify flaws in the system and report it to higher security officials.

A tester usually attempts to hack into the network to discover the bugs and vulnerabilities in the operating systems, servers, and applications. These testers often use higher-level testing tools, so they often require top skills to penetrate security networks.

Almost all companies need a penetration tester to keep accurate records of their bugs and vulnerabilities. The average salary of these testers in India is around Rs. 496,666, according to PayScale.

10. Security Systems Administrator

Security Systems administrator is the other job you can fit in if you have a cybersecurity certification. In this type of job, you have to install, manage, maintain, and troubleshoot a computer, network, and other data security systems.

This security system administration takes charge of daily security operations. These include running backups, monitoring systems, changing settings, running malware scans, and so on. Such jobs are mostly found in MNCs to maintain their daily routine.

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