Month: January 2020

Why is Cybersecurity Knowledge Essential?

Cybersecurity knowledge is vital for all those who use the internet, whether on PCs or mobile phones. Most of you might think of cybersecurity as a separate, niche career. You may think it's not a skill that the average person should learn or think about. But that's not the case in today's digital world. In this modern digital age, we have to live digitally by using our phones, laptops, electronic devices, and so on. Since you use these devices, you shouldn't consider cybersecurity as a niche area of knowledge because you should protect yourself against cyberattacks. By learning ab...
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How to Promote Cybersecurity Awareness in Students?

Cybercrimes are becoming a severe threat to our day to day lives. We can see thousands of cybercrimes happening around us daily. It isn’t only businesses or organisations are affected by these crimes; individuals are also affected and can suffer great losses. Therefore, we should ensure we secure ourselves from these types of attacks. Attacks against businesses and individuals have double in the last five years, so people should look at new ways to secure themselves from those cybercrimes. That's why security awareness is vital for everyone. As we're talking about students in this ...
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Job Opportunities in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity attacks are increasing at a rapid pace in this digital world. The demand for highly qualified security engineers who can defend against such attacks is at its peak. Companies are striving to pick the best cybersecurity engineers to protect their businesses. According to the Global Information Workforce Study, there will be a shortage  of 1.8 million cybersecurity professionals by 2022. NASSCOM has reported that India alone would need nearly 1 million cybersecurity professionals by 2020. So there is a massive demand for certified security professionals. In general...
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