Institutional Tie-Up


Unique way to partner industry and K7 Computing to bring world cybersecurity learning to your institution

We can offer joint cybersecurity programs, internships and lab research on threats at your institutions by training your faculty and setting up lab for threat control. Aim is to research and do project work with cyber threat lab analysts. We can work any department as everything is digital today. We prefer CSE & IT faculty who will undertake training. We can conduct training at K7 Academy premises, Chennai or at  institution as well based on opportunity. Faculty training will be for a duration of 20 days or 140 hours

Lab Set Up Plan:

Research in real time environment with your K7 certified faculty. Institution will provide lab room with systems and infrastructure. K7 Academy will provide training, architecture & courseware. The lab support will be for a full duration of 3 years, subject to working access to lab research and publishing of joint research papers. COE lab will be set up by institution as per guidelines from K7 Academy. Research, training and assignments will be provided by faculty members. The samples, projects and assessment will be supported by K7 Academy.

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