Job Oriented Internship



Internship on Threat Response

Being ready to deploy is the demand of the employers today. K7 Computing readies the candidate with internship training on real time threat control and malware research competencies. Anyone with good analytical skills, passion for math and decent English language communication can take up this internship. Preference is for CSE & IT students in 3rd or 4th year aspiring for cyber security career.

Internship can be at K7 Academy premises, Chennai and can also be at institution after faculty training & lab partnership. Duration is for 12 weeks or 120 hours. Topics covered will be introduction to cybersecurity, threat landscape, understanding of windows operating system, types of malwares and perform incident response functions. Internship will help participants get role based on the job training for working in threat labs. Also receive a certificate on assessment with support on placement for select candidates. 

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